Installation and maintenance of air conditioners in Sozopol

Climatici Ltd. offers professional services for installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems in the city of Burgas and the Burgas region. Our installation teams have extensive experience in the field of installations and thermotechnics, performing professional installations and maintenance of all brands and models of air conditioners.


We use only professional tools, quality materials, consumables and disinfectants for our installations. Our specialists are certified to work with refrigerants and refrigerant installations, ensuring the high quality of the service we provide.


In addition to installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, we also offer other services related to their use. Our team can perform the disassembly of air conditioners, as well as move them to another address. If necessary, we can extend the pipe route of the air conditioner or relocate the indoor or outdoor unit to another location.


Furthermore, we offer maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems. All services we provide are performed by highly qualified specialists, ready to meet all your needs and requirements.

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