Inverter floor air conditioner Toshiba Bi-flow RAS-B10J2FVG-E1 + RAS-10J2AVSG-E

Inverter floor air conditioner Toshiba Bi-flow RAS-B10J2FVG-E1 + RAS-10J2AVSG-E, 10000 BTU, Клас A++

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Warm floor function

This unique floor function is inspired by the warmth of the fireplace. With it, the heat is distributed evenly from the lower part of the air conditioner, increasing the feeling of coziness and comfort. The feeling of discomfort when moving the air compared to high-wall air conditioners is minimized. This function can be activated by pressing only one button on the remote control

Complete comfort

Maximum comfort in heating and cooling, with Toshiba Bi-Flow inverter air conditioners, is achieved by having two air outlets, top and bottom. With this model of floor air conditioner, you can choose the preferred airflow opening between the locations in the upper or lower part of the indoor unit.

Intelligent interface

Toshiba floor air conditioners are equipped with an intelligent interface. You can set basic functions without the need for a remote control. On the LED screen you can set the temperature, the operating mode, as well as choose the direction of blowing the air flow.

Hybrid inverter

Unique hybrid construction. The hybrid inverter has PAM (amplitude-pulse modulation) and PWM (pulse modulation). The first technology provides the highest level of power, while the second provides the desired room temperature and high energy efficiency. As a hybrid, Toshiba's inverter system offers the best of both technologies.

IAQ filter

Toshiba's IAQ filter contains silver ions and the enzyme Leuconostoc, extracted from Kimchi, kills 99.9% of bacteria in the air, absorbs and breaks down smoke, ammonia, volatile organic compounds, unpleasant odors from food and animals, and suppresses its formation. and fungi and prevents the appearance of mold.It has been proven to destroy the influenza virus (H5N1).


Toshiba Bi-Flow has a self-cleaning function that reduces moisture, causing the formation of mold in the indoor unit. When the air conditioner is turned off, the indoor fan turns on automatically and dries the moisture in the heat exchanger, then turns off.

Comfortable sleep

When the "Sleep" mode is activated, the air flow is controlled and switched off automatically, with the possibility to set the air conditioner to switch off after 1, 3, 5 or 9 hours. In the cooling mode the set temperature rises automatically by 1 degree every 2 hours, and in heating mode, decreases at the same rate.This feature increases the energy efficiency of the air conditioner and reduces power consumption.

WiFi adapter for mobile connection / option

Toshiba now allows you to control the air conditioning in your home or office at any time and from anywhere using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.


Техническа информация
Room inverter up to ( кв.м.)
Енергиен клас Охл. / Отоп.
Отдавана мощност на охлаждане (Мин./Ном./Макс) :
Отдавана мощност на отопление (Мин./Ном./Макс) :
Консумирана мощност на Охлаждане / Отопление
Годишен разход на електроенергия (Охлаждане / Отопление) :
SEER (сезонен коефициент на охлаждане) :
SCOP (сезонен коефициент на трансф. отопление) :
Ниво на шум - Вътрешно тяло (dB)
Ниво на шум - Външно тяло (dB)
Работен диапазон при Охлаждане
Работен диапазон при Отопление
Хладилен агент :
Размери Вътрешно тяло В x Ш x Д ( мм) :
Размери Външно тяло В x Ш x Д ( мм) :
Гаранция :

Inverter floor air conditioner Toshiba Bi-flow RAS-B10J2FVG-E1 + RAS-10J2AVSG-E

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