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Air conditioners Ltd. offers high-quality inverter air conditioners at excellent prices. Free delivery and installation, professional advice on choosing an air conditioner. Inverter air conditioners are the most popular air conditioners in Bulgaria because of the excellent ratio between quality, efficiency and price they offer. If you are looking for a highly efficient air conditioner that will successfully maintain a cozy atmosphere in your home or office in winter and in summer, at a good price, you can browse and choose from our offers by pressing the button 




What are the main advantages of the new inverter air conditioners?


Excellent energy efficiency compared to conventional air conditioners. Their efficiency class can reach A+++ and they can save 60% to 80% of electricity costs for heating or cooling.


Better comfort due to the smooth operation of the compressor. In old conventional air conditioners, the compressor either runs at maximum power or is at rest, causing inconvenience to users due to high noise and strong cold draft. The compressors of modern inverter air conditioners are controlled by intelligent technology. They work at maximum power at the beginning, and when approaching the desired temperature, they slow down and save electricity. Also, the climate system detects fluctuations in temperature and self-regulates to provide you with a constant temperature and maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption.


Efficiency in extreme temperatures: Some of the modern inverter air conditioners are capable of working efficiently even in temperatures below -20 degrees or above 45 degrees in summer, successfully maintaining a healthy indoor climate with low electricity consumption.


Healthy and environmentally friendly environment: Modern inverter air conditioners are equipped with air purification systems and filters. They operate at very low noise levels. They are equipped with systems to evenly distribute the air flow to reduce the risk of overheating or drafts. This makes the rooms where inverter air conditioning works perfectly suitable even for people with allergies, respiratory problems and small children.


A wide variety of models at affordable prices: Technologies in modern air conditioning systems are constantly evolving, making it possible to achieve ever higher efficiency at an ever more affordable price. Among our offers for inverter air conditioners, you will find a wide selection of the most popular and proven brands that produce both budget models with basic characteristics and more expensive high-end air conditioners that, in addition to comfortable heating and cooling, also offer a number of extras. making every user's life easier.

































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